Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All about you!

As I sat home during the recent holiday blizzard, I wondered aloud, yes aloud, just what it is you all want to hear from me. I am planning the blog topics for the next few months and also am planning my presentations for 2011 and was wondering what my audience thinks are blog worthy and presentation worthy topics. So here I am opening the floor for you- below are some ideas for presentations and topics, please feel free to add yourthoughts in the comment section below! I look forward to your ideas and additions! Cheers and happy endo of year/ New Year!!

+ Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Technology but were Afraid to Ask!
+ Dancing on the Edge- Pushing the Limits of Innovation in Your Program
+ Tips and Tricks for Endowment Reporting
+ Mid Level Donor Stewardship- Turning Your Hourglass Shaped Pyramid back into a Pyramid!
+ What to Look for in a Consultant!
+ Numbers and Sense- The Finance Department and You!
+ SCT Banner for Advancement
+ The Blanket Stewardship Approach to Cultivating and Stewarding Your Legacy Donors

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