Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CASE District 1 and Professional Development

Hey Everyone...I recently returned from the CASE District 1 conference Boston where a friend and I allison Lewis presented on the importance of a mid level giving strategy in your development operations. We have since received wonderful feedback and engaging conversations have resulted. In addition to speaking, my favorite thing about conferences is the opportunityto network and meet new people. There are many ways to do this, although I always find the best bonding always occurs during food and drink time :). I think professional development is absolutely essential for progression in your shop and personally. In addition, I find commonalities with those I see conference after cnference, year after year. And interestigly enough, I always see certain schools and development shops missing from the fray. I'm wondering aloud here, beyond budgetary constraints, what the reason is for their absence? Do they have it all figured out? I would propose the opposite, that they in fact are the ones that need the most help... Thoughts?
I attened some good presentations at CASE 1, especially one given by the VPs of Rice (Darrow) and Wake Forest(Mark), it was engaging, insightful and wonderfully down to earth. It was all about the changingface of comprehensive campaigns and had some startling insights. I also attended some "duds" which as many of you know is of great frustration, especially when you're trapped in the front of the room... LOL
This weekend I'm headed to my CASE District conference in Baltimore to speak three times on different topics, Metrics, the Career Journey, and a Donor Relations Panel.. so here is my question to you, dedicated blog readers, What makes a great presentation and what makes it a "dud"... Share away!!

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