Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy played a cruel "trick", Here's a "treat" for you!

Hello everyone,

I'm not writing my blog from the craziness that is my beloved NYC subway (you don't know what you've got until it's gone) but my warm well lit offices in uptown Manhattan.  Take it from a girl who lived in florida for 7 years and went through a category 4 at home, Sandy was a cruel woman.  NYC and surrounding areas are devastated, but you will find the resillience astounding. I am especially touched by many of my readers, friends, and colleagues who kept in touch during the storm and sent contless texts and Facebook posts wishing me well. In turn, for those of you celebrating today, I have decided to provide you with two "treats". The first is the link to the FREE downloadable 2012 Bank of America High Net Worth donor survey, a VERY valuable resource for us all. You can find it here:

It has wonderful information for us. Including the enlightening pages 53 and 55 that tell us what donors want and why they stop giving.  Two of the top 3 things donors want are further proof that public recognition and old school items like honor rolls that steward a gift and not thank a donorare becoming not just passe but unacceptable:
High net worth households also believe that their privacy is a very important consideration: "78 percent reported that the organization should not distribute their name to others, and 75 percent reported that the organization should honor their request for privacy and anonymity." This is vital to our field. I would love to hear your thoughts and reactions to the study.

Finally, another "treat" for you is one you have to email me for, this month, CASE Currents, a higher ed advancement publication, did a wonderful article on the importance of stewadship and donor relations.  For those of you with CASE memberships, you can find it on the home page at For those of you without a membership, please send me an email and I will send you a scanned PDF copy.

I appreciate you all so much and love sharing resources with you, Enjoy and stay safe!

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