Monday, April 7, 2014

Exciting Announcements!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I am pleased to announce that and donor guru the blog have undergone complete transformations! They both have clean new designs, a new format and an easier to use format for searching and finding samples, webinars, etc. I hope you enjoy the work we have done to make donor relations guru a leading source of practical advice and resources for you.

In that light, I would like you to help contribute to the cause! I need new ideas for swaps- We already have acknowledgments, stewardship reports, surveys, creative communications,invitations, videos, websites and more. What are we missing? Send me your best work by emailing it to me here: if the file is too large, send me a link to dropbox or google drive!

The more sharing, the more we all benefit-

Here are some of the items I would like you to share with others:

  • Annual or impact reports
  • First time donor packages or cards
  • Gift Agreement Policies
  • Work you're particularly proud of
What would you like to see? Add it in the comments below and I'll take action. Don't forget to also join our amazing LinkedIn group here.

Also, check out the new website redesign and know I'm open to all types of feedback.
I'm doing this for our community and am really proud of the work, but it's only as good as what we share with each other. Thank you for being a part of a vibrant community of caring fundraising professionals!


PS For those of you who read this far... Donor Relations Guru the book... coming early fall!


  1. Hi Lynne,

    It would be very helpful to share/see items related to loyalty societies.

    Dori @ NYU

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    2. I agree on this one. Would love to see info on leadership giving loyalty societies for the annual fund as well as loyal or consecutive donor societies. Love the new site.

  2. Thanks Lynne! I love reading your blog and am excited about your upcoming book. Congrats! I would love to also see some samples of campaign collateral that people have used. Thanks everyone!

  3. Stewardship metrics? Terrific new look.

    1. Ok Sandy, so I follow you, like how shops track their efforts? Or systems?

  4. Thanks for the work you do, Lynne. It makes us all look so good in our profession!

    We are just looking out our consecutive donors and the best way to communicate our appreciation to them. Getting the data is a challenge but we have been able to get a semi-good list so I would love to hear with others are doing in this area.