Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Examples of doing it RIGHT!

I know some days it might seem like I'm hard on our industry, but I tell you honestly I do it so we can improve. If we just went along agreeing that every address label sent was fine, we wouldn't be able to make change in our organizations. In order to make change we have to know what to aspire to as well. In that vein, I am providing you some examples of pieces I really enjoy and I hope you enjoy them too!

Here's a great piece from my friend Christine. She sent it to her top donors, and included some grains of sand from the beach! A wonderful touch!-

Charity Water is at it again with an amazing Facebook post that warms the hearts of donors and reminds us why our sustaining gifts are so important:

On Livestrong Day, I made a gift and my lovely ladies there posted a wonderful, personalized photo on my Facebook wall- it humbled me and made me smile and feel really special!

This solicitation came via email from the YMCA of Greater Charlotte and is a series of wonderful stories that made me want to renew my gift right away! This email led me to an amazing video of Jeff- you can find it here.

Dress for success broke the mold and sent me an email about Valerie's story, and I was moved. I was so moved, I made another gift!- Great job using real faces and genuine stories.

Colorado State University sent a great Fourth of July/ New Fiscal year appeal that was creative and fun. I think that this appeal speaks directly to the donor and doesn't let us forget that giving isn't always important in December!

What have you seen lately that has inspired you to give or give again? Share your successes with me via email or add me to your email or mailing list by using


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