Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Giving/Blitz Day Donor Relations that Wows

Giving Days/ Blitz campaigns are an established and successful fundraising trend. I wrote about them back in 2012 and they are still going strong. As more and more institutions take on the concerted fundraising efforts, we must also be aware that while planning them, we need to plan the donor relations right along side the effort. Many of you know I am a proud University of South Carolina alumna and donor, but this week I'm giving open kudos to my rivals over at the University of Tennessee. And believe me when I say this is difficult, I don't like orange all that much (ahem ahem). But wow, have they done the Big Orange Give, from start to finish the RIGHT way.

First, I gave online to them and it was an easy form, didn't cause me stress and made gift giving easy. Next I received a really nice email to confirm my gift, the only downside was that I then received a paper receipt- Bummer- and they need to invest in their receipts or just go all digital, remember if I give online, send me an email receipt or a printable PDF as an attachment...

I also a few days later received this very nice postcard from a student at UT.

But then I was wowed. I received a phone call from a UT student the next week!! They just wanted to check in on me, thank me for my first gift and let me know their fundraising total from the day and how they couldn't have done it without me.
Then, what do you know, they sent me an email with a video- NICELY DONE!

So they hit every single channel of communication with a different message and special touch!

Kudos to you vols for your efforts, I am duly impressed. And in comparison to another challenge giving day I gave to two days later where I haven't heard a peep and haven't even received a gift receipt, you're doing an amazing job!
I now want to give again and feel valued for my first gift. It doesn't mean I'll be playing rocky top any time soon, but amazing execution.

What do y'all think? How are you planning to execute donor relations for your giving days/blitz campaigns?


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