Thursday, April 11, 2013

How are you making your donors dance? A pep talk...

Greetings from beautiful Vancouver, BC! I am at yet another amazing conference and I seem to have caught a cold from my travels, yippee! So today I needed a pep talk. A serious pep talk. And I think sometimes, everyone could use a pep talk. In that light, here is my absolute favorite pick me up video: Pep Talk  Isn't he amazing? I want him in my daily life. He just makes me smile.

And in case you need more magic, here is an amazing video from Peru.

In light of these two amazing videos I could write an entire blog about the power of images over text. Or I could write an entire post about how videos are free and easy to create using sites like . What I think I'll do is this instead, I want to remind you that at the core of what we do, we delight people and make them feel good.  Like Kid President says, What's Your Space Jam? More importantly, what are you doing to make your donors dance?  Are you just treading water with your donor relations program or are you making waves?  Make a splash!  Next week, I will be making a splash with some long awaited survey results!


Upcoming Webinar:   May 2, 2013 1pm Eastern

 Individual and Custom Stewardship Plans for Top Donors
 How are we building custom plans shaped around our very best donors that are meaningful and manageable? An individualized stewardship plan can evolve so seamlessly into other concerted programmatic efforts. Considering these ideas, we will examine the ways individualized plans can be structured, who should have one and what should be contained in an individual plan, and determining how activities can be integrated into a plan.

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