Monday, September 28, 2015

New Book Released Today

I am thrilled to announce today the publication of my second book on donor relations and fundraising.
T-Rexes vs Kangaroos: and Other Stories: Improving Your Fundraising and Donor Relations is now out. Now you can get a peek into my head (it's scary in there) and have a compilation of four years of my work in this blog and elsewhere. 

I will have the first 50 copies available for purchase at my book signing at the ADRP International Conference in Memphis on Wednesday. To purchase your copy, you can head to this link on Amazon

The 342 page book is broken into sections on the following:
  • philosophical musings on fundraising
  • the donor relations profession 
  • the practice of donor relations
  • unique donor populations
  • professional skills and management
You don't have to be a donor relations professional to enjoy this text, purchase a copy for your boss, your team, anyone involved in fundraising. There is also a wonderful appendix of gratitude quotes if you're like me and always looking for a great resource.

I would also be happy to have a book signing and give a presentation in your area. Complete this form if you would like to have me come to your area and present or do a training for your staff or volunteers. 

This is truly another dream coming true for me and I could not have done it without your support. Special gratitude to Debbie Meyers, contributor and Tyler Wessel, editor and designer for their hard work. 

Thank you to everyone for your support.



  1. Congratulations! My copy is on the way to me at this very moment....

  2. Congratulations! Just purchased mine, too.

  3. Just ordered my copy. . . love the title!

  4. Mazal tov Lynne! (A throwback to your YU days . . .) I just ordered my copy too. I got great use out of the Pillars book at my old job, and I expect that this book will help me educate my new board at my new position.