Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Glass is Half Full

Direct Mail isn't dead. That's for sure. I think what has happened with the communications we send is that at times we are afraid to take a risk and break out of the #10 envelope. I often say if it comes in a #10, and doesn't have IRS at the top, I'm unlikely to read what's inside. Especially true for those of you who send those 2-4 page letters. I mean, really, who has time to plow through those letters?

The same goes for the way we thank our donors. It doesn't have to be on letterhead to be effective. I want to show you an amazingly clever communication I recently received from Texas Health Resources. It's a great way to say thank you and demonstrate impact at the same time, and it makes me thirsty, thirsty for more!

It's a combination of gratitude and impact, it reminds me of the recipe post cards I used to send at Yeshiva and is a whole new take on the idea that when you put something in the mail, it needs to be folded and shipped in a #10. Some of you might be saying, how much did that cost? You know what, you may have a point but it is a WOW piece. This really inspires me to think about giving again, to realize that they embrace their Texas culture and at least thinking outside of the glass! The only thing I would have done to make this piece even better is remove the ask at the bottom of the back of the piece, then it would have been a pure thank you and impact piece without an ask.

What kind of mailings have you done that have inspired you? How can you stretch beyond an 8 and a half by 11 piece of paper to inspire your donors. Our designers are more talented than ever, allow them to be creative and embody your mission. If you need inspiration, check out Pinterest and Instagram, I've devoted my September on Instagram to posting direct mail pieces that are worth the postage- come join me my handle is @donorguru.


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